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Freight Transport Throughout Europe

We offer all kinds of freight services and ensure the most effective freight transport solutions in order to meet our customers’ needs.

In order to achieve excellent service quality, we have introduced a quality management system that complies with ISO standards.


A range of services of the highest quality. Reliable and new vehicles. Freight safety during transportation, loading and unloading.


We deliver the freight to its destination quickly, ensuring proper storage conditions for each freight category throughout the transportation process.

New Vehicle Fleet

We are proud of our entirely new fleet – the new generation of RENAULT RANGE T trucks – that ensures the highest possible speed of freight transport at the lowest fuel consumption.

Trucks of the latest generation that have been recognized as the best truck in the world of 2015.


“Euro 6” is the fuel economy and environmental standard, which, combined with low rolling resistance tires, significantly reduces fuel consumption and the amount of CO2 emissions.


Throughout the transportation, the trucks equipped with GPS navigation are monitored by a controller, who may change the route, if necessary. Freight owners may check the exact location of the freight at any given time.


Charterway is one of the main freight service providers in Europe. The company provides a full range of logistics services in the EU and CIS countries.

Professional and Experienced Drivers

Our drivers are characterised by safe, economical driving, fast response on the road and the skill to deal with any situation and condition on the road, which will guarantee the safety of your freight during the transportation, loading and unloading.